May 30, 2024

Bright Beyond the Lights Businesses: Viticus Group

With the growth of Clark County’s evolving health and life sciences sector and the region’s advantageous location, the community is an ideal place for innovative companies like Viticus Group to shine.  

Established in 1928, the nonprofit organization (formerly known as WVC) is dedicated to educating the next generation of veterinary and human healthcare professionals. Leveraging Clark County’s deep pool of talent, advanced infrastructure and collaborative business environment, Viticus Group has become a beacon of success in Southern Nevada’s diversified economic landscape.

Elevated by a Business-Driven Community

Rows of tables and medical supplies inside of the Viticus Group Training Lab in Clark County, Nevada

Viticus Group Training Lab | Photo Credit: Viticus Group

At the heart of Viticus Group’s success lies a dedicated network of skilled professionals who are passionate about driving innovation within the nation’s life sciences and health industries. These talented individuals elevate not only the organization but also pioneer health care solutions within Clark County and beyond.

A leading provider of world-class programming and in-depth continuing education opportunities, Viticus Group has the largest free-standing combined animal and human health hands-on training program in the world. The organization offers continued education at two campuses with a combined training lab space of 140,000 sq. ft., Oquendo Center and Eastern Center, providing access to various courses and specialized surgical training for both veterinary and human health professionals.  

“This is where people come to fine-tune their skills to bring back to human and animal hospitals,” explains Viticus Group CEO, Andrea Davis.

Andrea Davis, CEO of Viticus Group, smiling, wearing a black top and necklace.

Andrea Davis, CEO of Viticus Group

 With 80 full-time employees in Clark County, Viticus Group relies on the region to offer a work-life balance that surpasses that of other major hubs across the country in order to attract top talent. 

“When we hire for more traditional positions, we receive an endless number of candidates that have a lot of experience. We are seeing a lot of people from different states who want to locate to Clark County because of the great opportunities. When we post a job, the problem is how to sort through all of the candidates – it’s a good problem to have,” said Davis. 

A Quality of Life That Shines Bright Beyond the Lights

Clark County’s network of local businesses, like Viticus Group, attracts global talent thanks to unparalleled access to an exceptional quality of life. “I’m not sure what there isn’t to love here. There is everything you need. It’s a fun place to live if you like to go hiking or to the beach, with California four hours away. Every flight in the world co

Outside of the Viticus Group Eastern Center located in Las Vegas

Viticus Group Eastern Center | Photo Credit: Viticus Group

mes to Vegas, and it’s easy to go in and out,” explains Davis.


Industries across Clark County are rapidly advancing, and as a result, talent from across the globe is flocking to the region to put down roots. From a bustling sports industry to innovations within a burgeoning technology sector, people seek out the region for its high quality of living intertwined with ample opportunities to find fulfilling careers. That appeal is a boon for Viticus Group on multiple levels, and the community-wide efforts to continue elevating the region on a national and global scale is something Davis and her team hold an appreciation for.   

“What is incredibly important to our organization is people choosing to come to Las Vegas, whether it’s for our WVC Annual Conference or the nearly 10,000 people we host annually at our training facilities. People have choices, and they can go other places for things similar to what we provide. It’s incredibly important that people want to come here,” said Davis.   

Infrastructure Built for Success

“We appreciate Clark County’s tax structure, statewide access to leadership and being so close to the airport and the strip. It’s a very easy place to run a business, whether we have people coming for the day or the entire week. There are so many reasons why we love operating a business in Nevada,” said Davis. 

Companies in Clark County benefit firsthand from the region’s unmatched supportive business environment and top-tier infrastructure. Home to Harry Reid International Airport, which the Wall Street Journal ranked as one of the most reliable large airports in the nation, and some of the best road and highway infrastructure in the U.S., Clark County is a natural choice for businesses like Viticus Group to operate and grow.  

Ariel view of the Viticus Center Eastern Center rooftop bar area with people conversing in small groups. Clark County, Nevada can be seen illuminated in the distance.

Viticus Center Eastern Center Rooftop & Bar Area | Photo credit: Viticus Group


Anything and everything we need is incredibly accessible. There isn’t anywhere else that can get professionals in and out quickly and have all the different things surrounding it the way Las Vegas does – it’s incredible,” says Davis.  

Clark County’s strategic infrastructure allows Viticus Group to accommodate the continued growth of even its largest events with ease. In 2024, the organization welcomed 20,000+ participants to its WVC Annual Conference in Las Vegas, breaking attendance records and making it the largest-ever attendance in the conference’s 96-year history. The confe

rence alone accounts for more than 50,000 hotel nights in the community, which is in addition to the stays generated during the organization’s year-round training programs.  


Large group of people walking through the WVC Annual Conference Exhibit Hall to explore health and life sciences in Las Vegas

WVC Annual Conference Exhibit Hall | Photo Credit: Viticus Group

In addition to the region’s transportation infrastructure, companies like Viticus Group can count on Clark County’s robust resources designed to help local businesses thrive. 

“We absolutely love being in Las Vegas for a variety of reasons. We have found the local government is extremely accessible. When we need something or have questions, we can get answers right away, which is incredibly important. It’s helpful knowing that when you need something, we know who to contact and that they will contact you back.” 

Location advantage, affordability and a collaborative business community are just a few of the reasons Clark County is the right place for companies like Viticus Group to find success. Ready to join us? Get in touch with our team at the Clark County Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) to see how we can help your business shine #BrightBeyondTheLights.


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