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Innovation runs deep in Southern Nevada. As cities across the United States look to deploy new ideas for 21st century challenges, Clark County has expressed an openness to emerging technologies that have positioned the county as an enduring force.

Point in case: In 2017, the City of Las Vegas partnered with Cisco, RTT, and Dell on a smart city project in the downtown area. The world’s first self-driving shuttle to be fully integrated with smart-city infrastructure hit the streets of downtown Las Vegas in 2017, allowing the layman to experience autonomous driving in a real-world setting.

With new STEM projects being organized throughout the Clark County School District, as well as higher education institutions, technology and automation businesses in Southern Nevada are a breeding ground for innovation.

Fast Facts


state to legalize autonomous driving licensing


miles of streets available for efficient vehicular testing


of the lowest high tech operating costs amongst cities with a large concentration of high tech firms


ranked up-and-coming tech talent market

CBRE 2020


tech talent labor force growth between 2015 and 2020

CBRE 2020





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The Information Technology (IT) department in Clark County drives much of the problem-solving and solution-based services needed to provide comfort and reliability. IT Business Services include the assessment, development, and implementation of tech-based solutions, while IT Tech Services offer support of the application and data center host environments and county-wide network. Both IT services are aimed to maintain technology-based solutions to the problems and needs of your business.

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The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) offers degree programs in computer science, electrical engineering, tech commercialization and more, with half a million in engineering scholarships awarded annually. A new advanced engineering studies building that was announced in 2019 is expected to increase learning opportunities even further at the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering.

The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) also offers the Computing & Information Technology Program, preparing students for careers in software development, information management and cyber security.

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