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Protecting Natural Beauty

Scenic lakeshores. Breathtaking mountains. Vast deserts. It’s deeply idealized, but the natural beauty of Clark County requires advocacy and maintenance to mitigate threats. Our locality supports several programs looking to preserve the region’s ecosystems and wildlife, including the Desert Conservation Program, the Southern Nevada Water Authority, and the All-In Clark County sustainability campaign.

The Board of County Commissioners embraced the eco-initiative in 2008 in an effort to encourage sustainability in the seven areas of conservation: air quality, water, water reduction and recycling, green building, energy use, transportation, and land use/habitat protection. With increased knowledge and information in these areas, we can bolster the power of the community to improve our precious world.

Fast Facts


of Nevada Indoor Water Supply is Recycled.


in the nation in geothermal power production

The Conservation District of Southern Nevada (CDSN) began as the Clark County Conservation District in 1974.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority

Respecting Our Natural Resources

Southern Nevada Water Authority works to provide sustainable water service in a region that only receives an average of five inches of rain per year. Water conservation has been an integral part of the agency’s mission since its inception in 1991, and the Water Resource Plan is one of the nation’s strongest, saving Southern Nevada billions of gallons of water per year. Collectively, Southern Nevada Water Authority member agencies serve over 2.3 million residents in Southern Nevada.

Desert Conservation Program

Preserving Clark County for Future Generations

The Desert Conservation Program works to ensure that all species in the Clark County region — including the Wild Desert Tortoise — not only survive but have a chance to thrive. The Desert Conservation Program includes habitat and species research, restoration and education of the public, as well as acquisition of sensitive habitats. If you see a Wild Desert Tortoise on a construction site, please call the assistance line at 702-593-9027 and the tortoise will be picked up free of charge.

All-In Clark County

We Are All-In This Together

For a community to be sustainable, everyone needs to take action in one way or another. The All-In Clark County initiative makes a tremendous effort to save energy, prolong resources, and support the stability of our community by putting actionable steps in place. The County Operations Sustainability & Action Plan defined our pain points and highlighted tangible goals, and the next phase, The Community Plan, will strive to categorize and conquer. Emphasizing Clean & Reliable Energy, Resilient County Operations, Smart Waste Management & Reduction, Sustainable Transportation, and Water Conservation & Protection, you are bound to find your passion, help the community, and make the environment longer-lasting.


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