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Heralding the Success of Southern Nevada Companies

Clark County Office of Community and Economic Development is committed to the success of businesses in Southern Nevada. The state’s low taxes and region’s pro-business environment provide a bevy of incentive programs and tax abatements to fit the unique needs of businesses.

Whether a multinational tech firm looking for a stable tax environment or a local small business competing with large corporations for a government contract, Clark County offers the tools to help any company succeed.

Fast Facts


Lower State & Local Tax Rate Than National Household Average

WalletHub 2021


of Clark County “Somewhat Supports” the use of performance-based tax incentives for companies that create new area jobs. 18.8% “Strongly Support” these incentives.


of Clark County “Agrees” that Nevada is a business-friendly state. 17.4% “Strongly Agrees” that Nevada is business-friendly.






Do Business Unhindered

Clark County’s low tax rate is one of the biggest reasons companies choose Southern Nevada to do business. The Silver State has no estate tax, no franchise tax and no personal income tax, leading to an unencumbered business environment that allows businesses to do their best work.

Many in the community recognize the positive impact business has on the region, too, with over 60% supporting performance-based tax incentives for companies that create new jobs.


The Deal Maker

Southern Nevada businesses have access to hundreds of incentives, from sales tax abatements for data centers and capital equipment purchases to Foriegn Trade Zone #89 for businesses involved in international trade. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development also offers the Silver State Works Employee Hiring Incentive, which provides employers with up to $2,000 for hiring state-qualified candidates.
As a viable contender for the new innovation capital of the nation, Clark County continues to introduce attractive policies and incentives that support the growth of industries and businesses involved in emerging technologies.


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