July 18, 2022

Clark County Launches New Online Tools and Office to Support Long-Term Business Success

CLARK COUNTY, Nev. – At a critical time in Clark County’s history, the Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) launches new online tools today to serve and support new, established, and prospective businesses interested in investing, expanding, or relocating to unincorporated Clark County, providing a centralized hub of available resources. BusinessInClarkCounty.com is a one-stop-shop for businesses to navigate proper permit and licensing procurement, apply for assistance, learn about the region’s key industries, and connect with county experts.


The Clark County Office of Community and Economic Development’s state-of-the-art website includes key interactive and data features to help business owners navigate all stages of the process, from finding the right location for their company to planning an expansion:


Live Interactive Functions:

  • Project Estimator: Business owners can use this function to plug in project details and after answering a few questions, the Project Estimator will provide a summary of the required permits needed for a project.
  • Zoning Verifier: This tool simplifies the site selection process and shows prospective business owners where a project is permitted.
  • Current Developments: Click through an interactive map to see all the projects and developments currently underway in unincorporated Clark County.


Updated Data:

  • Workforce & Demographics: Clark County recorded a 29% increase in employment in all sectors from 2010 to 2019. The tool provides other essential information on Clark County’s population demographics and low unemployment rate.
  • Major Employers: Displaying impressive year-over-year growth data, find updated statistics on the county’s largest corporations and industries, including the rapidly rising manufacturing sector that reported a 273% increase in Clark County jobs from 2010-2019.
  • Taxes & Incentives: Nevada ranks 7th in the nation for its business tax climate. This page relays current business tax data and information on the hundreds of incentives available to employers.


Formed in late 2019, Clark County established the Office of Community and Economic Development with the strategic purpose of supporting and enhancing the economic vitality of the unincorporated parts of the county by diversifying the local economy and advancing inclusive sustainable growth. As a welcoming community where all entrepreneurs and small business owners can find success, OCED partners with the Business Development Advisory Council to increase the number of small businesses and traditionally underrepresented small business owners. OCED also works with the Small Business Opportunity Program to provide free instruction, training, and coaching designed to help small business owners increase their capacity to compete for government contracts. Interested applicants now have quick access to these essential resources directly through BusinessInClarkCounty.com.


Shani Coleman, director of the newly formed Office of Community and Economic Development, applies her extensive skills and experience, along with her passion for the community she calls home, to build awareness of the opportunities that exist beyond the lights of Las Vegas and be the liaison for all existing or prospective companies considering doing business in Clark County. This work drives new growth and investment throughout unincorporated areas of the county to help shape a better, brighter future for residents and businesses rebounding from the pandemic better than ever.


“Since the moment the Office of Community and Economic Development was created, just a few short months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s played a vital role in supporting our local businesses and driving new and diverse investment to the region,” said Coleman. “Over the past two years, Clark County has proven its resiliency and our office is committed to ensuring all local business owners have the resources and support they need to overcome adversity and find success now and in the future and that includes the launch of our new online tools.”


Fast Facts about Clark County OCED:

  • Who – With 20+ years of strategic planning, marketing, and budgeting experiences to guide development projects, Shani Coleman is a highly qualified economic developer who has the skills, experience, and passion required to lead the newly formed organization and build awareness of the economic opportunities that exist bright beyond the lights of Las Vegas.


  • What – The Office of Community and Economic Development is committed to providing new and existing businesses and developers with answers to their questions to set them up for long-term success and expansion in unincorporated Clark County.


  • When – OCED was created in late 2019 as the county’s first distinct and stand-alone economic development department.


  • Why – Addressing a long-standing need, the office formed to serve as the primary resource for companies looking to develop a new business, expand an existing business, or relocate to the Las Vegas area.


  • Where – Clark County is home to more than 2.3 million residents, covering five cities and 8,000 square miles in Southern Nevada.


The Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) is the primary resource for new, established, and prospective businesses interested in investing, expanding, or relocating to Clark County, Nevada. With a dedicated team of experts, OCED provides businesses and developers with the answers, tools, and resources needed to start a new project or expand an existing business. Home to 2.3 million residents, Clark County covers roughly 8,000 square miles and is the 11th-largest county in the nation. Committed to enhancing and supporting the economic viability of the unincorporated areas of Clark County and advancing inclusive, sustainable growth, OCED is building awareness of the economic opportunities and “bright beyond the lights” of Las Vegas.


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