September 26, 2022

County resources can help businesses take advantage of perks of locating in Southern Nevada

While hospitality and tourism will always be key drivers of Southern Nevada’s economy, the airport’s historic month alludes to recent growth that will make June’s numbers our new reality. Specifically, Clark County’s economy is becoming less dependent on the whims of disposable income; showing signs of increased diversification into new, fast-growing industries like health and life sciences, information technology, and advanced manufacturing, which are adding much-needed resiliency to our local economy.

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Shani Coleman, community and economic development director for Clark County, poses for a photo at the Clark County Government Center Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022.

To highlight these sectors helping our region shine bright beyond the lights of the Strip and provide a centralized hub of resources for local businesses, I am proud to share the recent launch of the Clark County Office of Community and Economic Development.

The site was designed to serve and support new, established and prospective businesses interested in investing, expanding or relocating to Clark County.

Since the moment the Clark County OCED was created, just a few short months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our office has played a vital role in supporting local businesses and driving new and diverse investments to the region.

As a Las Vegas native who has served my community for over 20 years before assuming the role as director of the Clark County OCED, I have witnessed firsthand the social and economic benefits of a diversified economy, and I am excited about how we can leverage our economic position to create a stronger and more resilient Clark County.

To help guide our economic growth and development, the Clark County OCED created this website with key data and interactive features to help business owners navigate all stages of the growth process.

Besides population demographics, updated statistics on the county’s largest corporations and industries, and business tax data on the hundreds of incentives available to new or existing employers, the website also has a project estimator that provides a summary of the required permits needed for a specific project and interactive maps that show current business developments and the proper zoning for various businesses.

Ultimately, this website seeks to provide increased technical support to all businesses because, as the past two years have demonstrated, our economic future depends on investment in innovation.

The website is the manifestation of the Clark County OCED’s strategic purpose of supporting and enhancing the economic vitality of the region through diversifying the local economy and advancing inclusive, innovative growth.

Part of this mission requires a special focus on opening economic opportunities to the many budding seeds of growth taking root in Southern Nevada. Initiatives like the Business Development Advisory Council, which aims to increase the number of small businesses and traditionally underrepresented small business owners, are helping to enhance support and empowerment for underrepresented business owners and entrepreneurs in the region.

The Clark County OCED is also working to relaunch the Small Business Opportunity Program in a virtual, bilingual format to provide free instruction, training and coaching designed to help small-business owners increase their capacity to compete for government contracts and gain general business principles.

Interested applicants can now join the wait list directly through the site.

As the only African American in an economic development leadership position in Southern Nevada, I’m proud to say that equity drives our mission.

Encompassing 8,000 square miles of diverse entities, we have residents who are equally proud of their respective identities. Part of our mission is to understand and celebrate these differences but also utilize economic opportunities to create a stronger economy and a united future as Nevadans.

This website is the first step in creating a more interconnected future — where industries supplement each other and drive diverse growth, and everyone has a seat at the table.

Clark County is an adult economy in more than the colloquial sense; our dominance in hospitality and tourism is being enhanced by our growing sports economy and other fast-growing industries like information technology and advanced manufacturing.

Any fan of the Las Vegas Aces, Golden Knights or Raiders knows from attending their games that the intersection of traditional and emerging industries has created n elevated product that creates more economic opportunities like hosting Super Bowl LVIII and Formula One.

The Clark County OCED is committed to helping advance this continued economic growth and helping all local business owners and entrepreneurs find success. If you’re interested in starting a business or looking for resources to help your business grow, check this website out.

I look forward to hearing from you all and working together to create a stronger Clark County for future generations.

Shani Coleman is director of the Clark County Office of Community and Economic Development.


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