October 18, 2022

LAS looks to add more international flights amid pilot shortage

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Las Vegas is hosting the Routes World trade show this week, bringing in thousands of airline industry leaders from around the world.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, half of the world’s airline routes can be attributed to this annual event.

Harry Reid International Airport and Las Vegas has recovered well from the pandemic- in fact the airport has added 12 more direct domestic connections since the pandemic. They’re now looking to add more international flights- a sector that hasn’t fully recovered from the pandemic.

There is a major pilot shortage and staffing levels are not where airport leaders want them to be, which has caused flight cancellations and delays across the country through the summer.

With more flights and fewer pilots, will that cause problems as we move towards the holiday travel season? Harry Reid International’s Director of Aviation, Rosemary Vassiliadis, says Las Vegas hasn’t seen severe impacts so far.

“We were the least impacted. Leisure travel was the first travel that came back nationwide, and we were beneficiaries of it,” she added.

Your best bet for your next flight is to show up early, check the flight status and TSA rules before you go, and plan ahead for parking.


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