January 24, 2023

Nevada ranks #1 for public bridges in the nation

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Bridges in the silver state are getting a passing grade when it comes to structural integrity. That’s according to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.
Their review found that out of 2,000 public bridges in Nevada, only 1.4 percent were structurally deficient. Tuesday, we looked into the inspection process that successfully connects safety and structure.
We spent the afternoon with NDOT at the Mike O’Callahan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.
NDOT says each bridge in the state is inspected about once every two years. The inspections are extensive.
Blue skies paint the picture for a beautiful day to visit Hoover Dam. It also means it’s a good day for a bridge inspection here at the Mike O’Callahan – Pat Tillman memorial bridge.
“Where we’re using three bridge trucks deployed right now. And we’re also putting people on rope to climb the columns and the arch,” said Brandon Henning, bridge inspection program manager with NDOT.
They’ve reduced traffic down to one lane here on I-11 at the Arizona border.
If you think bridge inspections are quick or easy, think again.
“This could last anywhere from a week to two weeks,” said Henning. “We’re using drones as a supplement as some of the climbing…And we have climbers on the arch.”
The bridge opened back in 2010, and it’s been in good condition ever since, with no problems recorded.
At the visitor center, tourists admire the bridge for its sturdiness and a decade of good health.
“They can be better. We’re rebuilding. We deal with the snow so they take their toll,” said Holland.
But here in Nevada, the IIJA infrastructure bill allotted for $45 million to keep the state’s bridges ranked at number one in the country.
NDOT says if you see any problems with a bridge, report it right away to their district office here in Las Vegas.

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