LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Clark County is working to redevelop a historic part of the Las Vegas area in the coming months.

For decades the Las Vegas Commercial Center located near Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway was bustling. It is also known as the first commercial shopping center in the valley.

“In the next six months, you are going to see some major developments,” Chair of the Clark County Commission Tick Segerblom told 8 News Now.

From new restaurants to live entertainment venues, the Commercial Center is gearing up for some new renovations. County Commissioner Tick Segerblom shared with 8 News Now his plans for the area.

“We plan on buying some of the buildings and knocking them down. The hope is to bring in some new buildings too. We welcome developers to purchase and build things themselves too,” Commissioner Segerblom shared.

He also added that the need for safety in the area is also a major focus in the redevelopment plan moving forward.

With places such as the Las Vegas Arts District thriving and artists struggling to stay afloat with high rent prices, Segerblom is encouraging artists to come to the Commercial Center.

“Hopefully we can have some live-work places where artists can work and we are also partnering with UNLV and their Department of Fine Arts,” he added.

While growth is good, area business owner and President of the Commercial Center Business Association Paula Sadler told 8 News Now she wants the county to focus on that area first. Stating that the basic needs of the community have not been met by the county in years.

Commissioner Segerblom said he is very much aware of the need for more security and lighting.
He also mentioned that he would like to see a small Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department substation built in the area as well.