August 15, 2022

Lyft, Motional continue working towards fully driverless robotaxi service in Las Vegas

Fox5 Vegas
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Lyft and Motional are continuing their work towards launching a fully driverless robotaxi service in Las Vegas.

According to a news release, starting Tuesday, as part of a partnership with Motional, the two companies have launched a new all-electric, fully driverless robotaxi in Las Vegas.

The companies say that as part of the launch, Lyft passengers can control their ride without the assistance of a driver, providing a “custom-designed user experience for a fully autonomous journey.”

As part of the experience, riders can now control the following:

  • Unlocking doors via the Lyft app
  • Starting the ride from the new in-car Lyft AV App, an intuitive in-ride display tailored to autonomous rideshare
  • Contacting remote agents if needed
Lyft, Motional continue working towards fully driverless robotaxi service in Las Vegas
Lyft, Motional continue working towards fully driverless robotaxi service in Las Vegas(Lyft/Motional)
According to the companies, as part of this phase of the program, there are two vehicle operators present in the front seats. The operators are there to monitor the technology and provide additional support to passengers, if needed, the companies said.

In 2023, Motional says it will remove its vehicle operators and the service will become completely driverless.

The rides, which can be requested through the Lyft app, are offered in an all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 autonomous vehicle.

The companies say they have been conducting autonomous rides in Las Vegas since 2018 and this launch is the “next milestone” as they prepare to offer the service in multiple U.S. cities in 2023.

“Motional and Lyft have a clear path to widespread commercialization of Level 4 autonomous vehicles,” says Karl Iagnemma, Motional’s President and CEO. “We’ve led the industry in commercial operations for years, and today’s launch signals we’re on track to deliver a fully driverless service next year. Riders in Las Vegas can now experience Motional’s IONIQ 5 AV that will make that service a reality. Through our strategic partnership with Hyundai, the IONIQ 5 AV is fully customized for driverless ride-hail operation, while maintaining the vehicle’s award-winning comfort and design.”

To read more on the fully driverless robotaxi service, click HERE.


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